Monthly Archives: January 2013



(In no particular order…)

1. Sardines are delicious! (and nutritious! )

2. My favorite tea is Good Earth, Sweet & Spicy, Decaffeinated. Thanks Beth!

3. Trading in shampoo for Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar are making my hair happier than it ever has been! (I’m still in the first weeks of the change, but I think I’m loving it, and looking forward to seeing how it progresses! )

4. Expensive “natural” facial products could not completely heal my face from acne… but a mixture of olive and castor oils has! ( ) (A little secret… I only did this a few times, and balance has returned to my face, so I only rinse with water when I shower!)

5. 30 years old is young! I have a whole life ahead of me! I have more than just the next five years to see all the dreams in my life fulfilled!

6. If you don’t know something about an extrovert- you haven’t listened. And if you don’t know something about an introvert- you haven’t asked. (Thank you Whitney Russell!)

7. Babies are even cooler than I thought. 🙂

8. If you have a great t-shirt idea, you should go ahead and market it, because if you don’t- someone else will! (Also– be careful about what pictures you put on your facebook profile- they could become internet sensations without you even knowing! Google “baby guitar shirt” and you will see what I mean!)

9. Marriage is sweeter than I ever imagined… Thank you Zach. 🙂

10. The more I know God, the more I love Him. The more I know Him, I find that He loves me more than I thought possible. Pretty cool. You should check Him out if you haven’t talked with Him in awhile… 🙂

Here’s to my 30’s!!!!!!